Crystal Reed for Unleash’d - 2013
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Ezra Koenig at Lollapalooza in Chicago (Photos by Mark Wright via Lollapalooza Fest)

Time to Pretend by MGMT


"I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf." (Teen Wolf Season 1)


asoiaf houses meme: [2/3] places

D o r n e  had seemed a queer place to him as well when first he came here with his own princess, many years ago. The bearded priests had drilled him on the Common Speech of Westeros before they sent him forth, but the Dornishmen all spoke too quickly for him to understand. Dornish women were lewd, Dornish wine was sour, and Dornish food was full of queer hot spices. And the Dornish sun was hotter than the pale, wan sun of Norvos, glaring down from a blue sky day after day.
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The moment I saw you, I knew you’d be the closest I’d get to being close. I didn’t know what to do with that feeling…


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Rose Byrne | ph. Nicole Nodland

  Rose Byrne  

You were a terrible baby, do you know that? Bawling all the time, never sleeping. And one night you just wouldn’t shut up, screaming like a dying pig. I walked over to your crib, I looked down at you. I wanted to strangle you. And you looked up at me and you stopped screaming. You smiled at me. Don’t die so far from the sea.